Taking A Break

PBP2014bSome of you might have noticed that I missed yesterday’s deadline for the Pagan Blog Project. Sadly, yesterday was not the last time it’ll happen. Life got hectic and I needed to choose between the blog and my work.


For the moment, I think I’ll just have to take a leave of absence from the project. Maybe I will be able to pick up later, but it’ll be August before I can definitely get back into the project.

Sorry about that…

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PBP2014bBelieve it or not, I consider myself a sceptic. I know that might sound like an impressive bit of self-denial to some people, but it’s true.

I find faith difficult, a stretch which often lies beyond my abilities. When people talk about ‘belief’, they usually mean ‘blind faith’ and ‘blind faith’ to me means clinging to a fact without proof.

That’s just not me. For me, my beliefs are a working model, a theory to serve as a starting point for working out all the other stuff in my life, like love and taxes and the platypus.

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Absent Gods / Absent Believers

PBP2014bIt’s something I got thinking about while listening to a song. For a while, the pagan gods did not have many believers. I mean, pagans are outnumbered by Christians, Muslims and Hindus right even now, but most of our faiths were pretty much falling off the metaphysical radar from the day Rome turned Christian until Gardner turned up with his ‘reborn’ faith of Wicca.

So what did this mean for the gods? I suppose there’s a metaphysical question there about the nature of the divine, one I might even come back to later, but that’s not what I want to discuss.

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PBP2014bFor those of you following this blog in 2013, I welcome you back for a new batch of random discussions. Last year’s offerings ran the gamut; from grumpy rants to genuine expressions of wonder and from insightful (or at least I hope they were insightful) discussions of pagan culture to tangential wanderings that started out pagan and then just turned weird, I think I gave a fairly good view of the inside of my head.

This year, I am back for more. Or maybe it is you who have come back for more. Either way, this is the Pagan Blog Project 2014 and my slightly-chaotic offering for the new year.

So… I seem to be going with ‘again’ as my theme… Yes, I can work with that…

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pbp3Ugh… I’m late, I’m ill and trying to look after my daughter while writing this, but I will get the last post in before the end of 2013 if it kills me.

I recently saw a bumper-sticker on a battered old camper-van thing which read ‘Nobody ever fought a war in the name of Wicca’ and I smiled to myself. It’s a good point, I suppose. Only, it’s not…

Wicca, like Druidry and Heathenry and every other religion, has its fair share of zealots. Oh, some of you will be mortally insulted by that statement, but only because you are not thinking.

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pbp3Before I start, I should say that I am not a follower of the Hellenic pantheon. I have never had dealings with Zeus or Hera or anyone who would have coloured my opinion. So, take what I say as twenty-five years of hearing stories and trying to make sense of them.

I’m a bard, who heard from a bard, who heard from a bard. What you get at the end of the process, you should take cum grano salis.

So… Zeus…

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pbp3Well, it’s the obvious choice for Y in December. Longest night, shortest day, ceding of the Holly King’s throne to the Oak King…

The only problem is that I am not sure what to make of it. I have never made it to a Yule celebration with the grove; snow, illness, bad luck and even just not being in the mood for a long drive have kept me from it.

This year, I have been trying harder to make it to the grove. I was the Holly King six months ago, so I really should be there to reclaim my role and admit defeat. I also have been waiting a couple of years to tell the story of Gawaine and the Green Knight, which is a good yule-time tale I will now have to relearn.

The whole time of year leaves me with mixed feelings though…

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pbp3Youth is wasted on the young, they say.

We love to look back on our younger selves (and more so at youths we know) with some amazing feats of self-deception. We look at people with their whole lives ahead of them, who have never really learned what a hangover is, who can eat what they want and not be up half the night with heartburn, who do not have to worry about careers and kids and mortgages and taxes…

That’s not the youth I remember though.

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pbp3Look… X is not an easy letter. I could have gone with an ‘eX-‘ word, but that felt like cheating, so let’s try to make the best of my limited recall of the Greek language and discuss a little extreme ecology.

Xerosere is the process of turning a dry region into a forest. I can’t recall why, but everything seems to end up as a forest in these discussions. Still, as a druid, I suppose creating a forest is a good was to end any process…

As well as a lesson in ecology, I suppose this is a metaphor for paganism’s growth in a hostile environment where pagans have been all-but-eradicated.

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Xenos and Xenia

pbp3This is actually something I remembered from school, which is surprising. The wonders of a classical education….

Xenos is a Greek word with a very vague meaning. It can mean anything from ‘person who lives in another city’ to ‘alien life-form based on silicon and ammonia’ and is very useful for describing people with whom you have a vague relationship. It is the equivalent of Facebook’s it’s complicated relationship status, but for more distant relationships.

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